Nordic Sociological Association Conference: Call for sessions

Call for sessions for Nordic Sociological Association Conference (NSA2022), er nu åben. I finder desuden yderligere information her:
Konferencen finder sted på Island d.10-12 august 2022.

Call for sessions er åben og tilmelding lukker d.15 Januar. Deadline for abstract er d.15 april. 

Myths and Realities of the Nordic Welfare StateThe Nordic countries have long been held up as ideal societies due to, for example, comparatively low levels of inequality, favorable health outcomes, strong welfare states, lack of political corruption and high levels of societal trust. Nonetheless, research has shown that the notion of Nordic societies as ideal may be somewhat overstated and perhaps sometimes unfounded. We invite conference participants to engage in a conversation about the myths and realities of the Nordic welfare state, asking questions such as: Are the Nordic countries truly the feminist paradise they are often depicted as? Are health inequalities really the least pronounced in the Nordic countries? Are Nordic societies inclusive to all immigrants? This broad theme intersects all areas of sociological concern, including inequality, gender, migration, health, crime, the environment, education, religion, politics, culture, or the economy. Our goal is to host an inspiring conference where scholars can both describe Nordic realities but also critically examine myths of Nordic excellence.

Der inviteres til oprettelse af sessions indenfor rammen af konferencens tema, eller andre temaer med en sociologisk interesse.