– Breaking the law as a means of studying illegal ticket sales
Interview w. Alessandro Moretti

Sometimes in order to research a phenomenon, social scientists have to actively participate in it. But what should we do when this entails engaging in criminal activity?

Join us for an after-work beverage and discussion on the legal and ethical grey areas of doing field work.

In an informal interview, Alessandro Moretti will tell us about the dilemmas and challenges he faced when conducting participatory, ethnographic field work to explore the phenomenon of buying and reselling tickets for profit in the UK – also known as “ticket touting”. As part of the research, Moretti immersed himself in the field, befriended professional illegal ticket sellers (“touts”), and actively bought and sold tickets himself.

The interview will act as a basis for a wider conversation, inviting the audience to participate in a discussion of the ethical dilemmas and challenges of field work and other qualitative research.

16.30: Welcome and introduction by the Danish Sociological Association
16.40-17.20: Moretti is interviewed by Morten Wendler from the DSA
17.20-17.30: short break
17.30-18 Q&A + Plenary Discussion

Øster Farimagsgade 5
CSS, University of Copenhagen
room 4.1.18 (building 4)

May 24th 2023
The event is organized by The Danish Sociological Association and Forskningskollektivet. Participation is FREE and drinks and snacks will be provided.

OBS: The event is in English

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