The Life and Death of Bullying

Foredrag af Robin May Schott d. 24. oktober 2012. Om foredraget: Bullying has been linked to life-or-death issues of violence – both as suicides and school shootings – in the public consciousness. In various ways, researchers have taken for granted the intimate connection between bullying and violence. The dominant approach which focuses on single acts carried out by one individual against another is descriptively close to common sense, but less adept at understanding the human meaning of the incidents. In this talk I take a `sideways` approach to violence and bullying by discussing John Ajvide Lindqvist`s vampire novel, Let the Right One In, as a portrayal of the lived experience of bullying. Exploring the subjective experience of being bullied, the novel directs attention to issues of social death, friendship, and hate. Om foredragsholderen: Robin May Schott er seniorforsker ved Dansk Institut for Internationale Studier (DIIS) og er tilknyttet projektet “Exploring bullying in Schools”, Institut for Uddannelse og Pædagogik, Aarhus Universitet som forskningsprofessor. Schott har sin Ph.d. i filosofi fra Yale University og studerer bl.a. folkedrab og vold ud fra sin baggrund i etik, social og politisk filosofi.