UKRAINIAN SOCIETY’S RESILIENCE IN RUSSIA’S WAR: Sociological Findings and Reflections

The invasion of Russia to Ukraine in 2014, and its full-scale war from February 24th 2022, brutally changed the life and pathway of Ukrainian society development. It put forward new challenges to society, sociology, and sociologists in times of war, proceeding with rapid changes, and developing new backgrounds and prospects of post-war restoration. After the first shock of the full-scale war, society, people, international organizations, and local authorities need justified information on society that sociology can produce.

How does Ukrainian sociology meet the challenges of wartime? How is it possible to do surveys in time of mass relocation of population methodologically and practically? What are sociological research and surveys findings on Ukrainian society in the wartime? What are the challenges of Russia’s informational war, both in post-truth, and faking news production?

The presentation will address these issues based on the monitoring national based survey data from Ukraine, as well as expert discussions and reflections on lasting changes in Ukrainian society undergoing russia’s war.

We have invited Dr. Svitlana Babenko:
Associate Professor, Docent, Ph.D. in Sociology,
Researcher, Department of Global Politic Studies(GPS), Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare (MIM) at Malmö University, Sweden, and Head of Kyiv Unit of Sociological Association of Ukraine

University of Copenhagen, CSS
Øster Farimagsgade 5
Room 35.01.44 (Building 35)

(The event is in English)