The Department of sociology, University of Copenhagen, has together with the Danish Sociological Association invited Professor Nikolas Kompridis, School of Humanities and Communication Arts. Democracy and Human Rights Research Initiative at University of Western Sydney

He will be the third guest in the department’s lecture series about the fourth generation of critical theory

April 9th 17-19. “Why Public Reason Can’t Be Secular” (CSS 1.1.18)

April 10th 10-12 “The Internal Relation between Democracy and Crisis” (CSS 16.2.55)

Kompridis research areas are Critical theory; democratic theory; theories of agency and action; theories of rationality; theories of identity, recognition, and culture; secularism and modernity; the role of social criticism in social change; the renewal of romanticism; and issues in philosophy of art, literature, music and film. Kant, Hegel, Heidegger, Adorno, Arendt, Habermas, Foucault, Taylor, Cavell.

His latest book is: The Aesthetic Turn in Political Thought. London; New York: Continuum. See also; Critique and disclosure: critical theory between past and future. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press.

For further information about Kompridis: <http://uws.edu.au/hca/school_of_humanities_and_communication_arts/key_people/academic_staff_directory/professor_nikolas_kompridis>