Within the contemporary world, especially on the last decades, social chance processes with unprecedented extents are marching on. Portuguese society is not an exception to that pattern, marked by intensity, volatility and, in many cases, with difficult enlightenment. Notwithstanding enduring and immobility should not be neglected.

The so called financial crises, highly covered and with a large impact worldwide but also at a national, regional and local, exposes and dazzles the existence of deep reconfiguration processes at the core of primordial social institutions; education, work, family, justice, economy and science. But this crisis is, after all, a total social phenomenon, necessary to shed light on through an acute sociological reflection, aiming towards surpassing clues in a emancipator way. Borrowing from Michael Burawoy, the President of the International Sociological Association and first key speaker of the VII Portuguese Sociological Congress, this congress’s main appeal should be the recognition of the sociological science as a critic yet constructive interpellation towards society.

The Scientific community is, nowadays, facing a high stake risk: to let its analytical autonomy walk lamely hence subscribing aprioristic and conventional assumptions from the common sense or embrace its design of understanding and explaining the complex social reality, not as a supportive narrative but manly as critical and constructive one.

For more than 25 years, Portuguese sociologists have been present at the Portuguese Sociological Association Congresses, contributing for the gathering of irrefutable scientific quality, long side with high participation levels and always undertaking its ethical and professional responsibilities facing the collective.

The VII Portuguese Sociological Congress, taking place at Oporto University during the 20 and 23 of June of 2012, enrolls in the described scientific and civil tradition giving the opportunity to demonstrate the communities’ vitality and the exercise of sociological reflection regarding deep societal changes.

Accordingly, this will be the first congress that focuses on the organizational dynamic of the Association’s Thematic Groups (similar to Research Committees). Therefore the multiple working sessions will be organized, when possible, by the Thematic Groups, created between 2008 and 2011 but also contemplating other thematic areas hallowed in previous congresses. Depending on the presentation of a proposal by the associates, other working groups can be created.

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